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Replace your plain tabletops with customized one-of-a-kind tops that will reflect the theme and décor of your restaurant, and much more. If your restaurant is qualified for our Community Promotion Program you could receive FREE tabletops, valued at over $15,000, custom designed, built, and installed at absolutely NO COST to you!
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What About The Tabletops?

Our tabletops are made with beautiful wood and a polyurethane finish that is beautiful and durable. Our distributors will work with you and your staff to design a tabletop that is unique and a reflection of your image.

The end result will have the local business community continuously promoting your restaurant for you and your customers saying “Wow! What a great idea!”


Libby DepewOwner, Depew Guttering

Depew Guttering recently purchased an ad with ABC Advertising for tabletops at La Carreta in Kingsport. Mr. Purkey was extremely easy to work with, was very professional and completed the task in a timely manner. The ad is eye-catching and easy to read. I would recommend ABC Advertising to any local business.

James AusOwner, Tri-Cities Plumbing Solutions and Repair

I have worked with Elmer and ABC Advertising on tabletop advertising for a couple different restaurant locations in my service area.I can honestly say Elmer is straight forward and did a great job to find advertising that could fit our budget.I'm pleased with there service thus far.

John HarrisonOwner, Highland Heating and Cooling

I have done a couple of advertising campaigns with them,they do excellent work with my advertising dollar!!!!

Kay RalieghOwner, Crescostone

This is a great advertising company to do business with!

Justin WilhoitOwner, Sleep Solutions Mattress Gallery

It has been a pleasure working with Elmer Purkey on this project can't wait til the next time we get to do business. I would recommend Elmer Purkey and company 100%.

Why Choose ABC Tops

The Six Key Benefits for Restaurants

FREE Tabletops

The restaurant owner receives the use of brand new, custom designed, high-quality tabletops. This is no small gift. According to many restaurant industry experts, updating the interior design of your restaurant plays an essential role in hospitality, stimulates new business, and can increase your ROI. Our program helps significantly with this by redesigning and replacing your plain tabletops with customized one-of-a-kind tops that will better reflect your restaurants image, theme, and décor approximately every three years.
Our high-quality tops are made with wood and a polyurethane finish that are both beautiful and durable. Our team works with you and your staff to design a tabletop that will make you proud and have your customers saying “Wow! What a great idea!”

FREE Publicity

First and foremost, our team of experienced media specialists focus on promoting the selected restaurant in multiple ways including: local media, social networks, and B2B, resulting in a tremendous amount of invaluable free publicity. We go from business owner to business owner bragging about your restaurant and will cover points you want us to cover while selling the tabletop advertisements. We will be carrying menus and other exciting news about the restaurant with us. And all of this is at no cost to you. The positive impact of such a campaign is immediate and unmeasurable. Many of our restaurant clients report an increase in their sales of 10%-20% during this phase of the promotion alone.

FREE Community Integration

The businesses that purchase ads on your new tables will become one of your best boosters. They tend to eat in your restaurant more often and bring their friends, relatives and business associates. We “marry” them to your restaurant for the next three years! When someone asks them to recommend a good restaurant, yours will be top on their list.

FREE Patron Entertainment

As you know, often the restaurant business comes all at once and no matter how fast the wait staff, they can’t get to everyone fast enough. The ads on the tables are very non-confrontational and entertaining and your patrons will be busy reading those instead not keeping an eye on their watch or wondering why someone else got served before they did. We occupy their time helping take the pressure off of your wait staff and management. This is one of the favorite parts of our program for many of our restaurant owners.

FREE Good Will

The restaurant owner builds upon a most precious asset – good will. This is one of the most powerful on-going parts of this local community networking promotion. Since most of the advertisers are independently owned, local businesses you will naturally all be working together to support and recommend each other for years to come. By allowing them the opportunity to maximize their advertising dollar with the best low-cost exposure that they will ever have, the advertisers will be very appreciative toward the restaurant owner. Many of our advertisers more than pay for their ads simply by the referrals and connections they make from other advertisers on your restaurant tabletops. With this local community promotion everybody wins!

FREE Continuous Branding and Internet Exposure

A dominant portion of the new tabletops are reserved exclusively for the restaurant’s logo and/or other branding images. This will be seen by all your patrons over and over multiple times for the next 3 years, consciously and subconsciously, which reinforces your brand, creates message retention, and top of the mind awareness. Your website address, a “Check-In on Facebook” graphic can also be included. QR Codes can also be added to the restaurants branding portion making it interactive, and giving your potential customers access to a wide range of product information from your website or Facebook page 24/7. All 6 of these benefits are at absolutely no cost to the restaurant owner.
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